girls who bite (abbreviated as gwb) is a story of mine that's been in the works for over a year. don't let that fool you though, it's not a coherent masterpiece, it's just me messing around with silly characters. on a basic level, it's about biblical forces, weird girls, and toxic yuri. there are several 'versions' of the story, which include: 'Super Cool Post Apocalypse Story' and the much more silly 'But What if They Went to School' story. i'm indecisive if u cannot tell. :)
Character: Ellie Marten
Ellie is based on my childhood self and the nostalgia that comes with that. She is a fourteen year-old catgirl demon, prone to extreme moods and violence. (some of this art is by furriends! click da images to see the source)

Character: Finch Elkyam
Finch was originally based on the characters I liked when I was a kid! Edgy mary sues, basically, haha. She's the more reserved half of Ellie, and tends to get herself in trouble. Her design has gone through some phases so keep that in mind when scrolling.

Character: Maggie Marten
Maggie is Ellie's older sister, but a character conceptualized a lot later than the other 2. shes #silly and mysterious. she also features in my week 3 muse ariadne entry beclaws i didn't feel like coming up w another character haha.